Seedless Watermelon on Table

You might think seedless watermelons are the result of GMOs or some creepy sci-fi experiment, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

For starters, seedless watermelons were invented over 50 years ago.

And while you won’t encounter any mature seeds (the black ones) in your seedless melon, you’ll likely see white “seeds”. These actually aren’t seeds at all, just empty “seed coats” where a mature seed didn’t form. They are perfectly safe to eat and you won’t have to worry about a melon growing in your stomach.

But how are seedless watermelons grown? Like many other fruit and vegetable varieties, seedless watermelons are the result of crossbreeding. This tried-and-true method is completely safe and produces juicy, seed-free watermelon without any genetic modifications.1 The science of crossbreeding gets pretty complicated, so we leave the expertise to our trusted watermelon breeders!

We specialize in seedless watermelon at Leger & Son, and we’re proud to supply this tasty fruit to thousands of families nationwide. 

1 “Where Do Seedless Watermelons Come From?,” Gardening Know How, accessed July 2020