All of Leger & Son’s Growers Use Sustainable Farming Practices.

At Leger & Son, we have the well-being of our people and community at the heart of our initiatives. Healthy, educated workers and the best use of natural resources is an essential aspect of our company responsibility. We provide guidance in the field and packinghouse to ensure operations are up to standard. Some of our farmers use drip irrigation and fertigation to reduce excess and erosion. We believe having the right stewardship over our family of farms assures that we will have less of an environmental impact.

Food Safety

Safe and healthy produce begins at the farm where we track water sources and regulate the use of fertilizers and pesticides.  Standardized plans and procedures are followed at every stage of production, from planting and harvesting in the field, to packing in the shed, to distributing to our customers.  We make every effort to deliver the safest watermelon to market.