In our fields

Growers use precision ag techniques such as field monitoring with drones, fertigation, and moisture meters in the field to reduce pesticides, fertilizers and water inputs to promote healthy soils and ensure all resources are directed to the right places

We use bumblebees and honey bees because they work at different times and in different weather conditions so we always have excellent pollination leading to sweet fruit for you

No till farming reduces soil erosion and promotes beneficial insect habitats which can reduce pesticide needs.

In our facilities

Our state of the art sizing equipment allows us to pack fruit that is uniformly sized leading to happy customers and increased profits for the farmers

We utilize full truck load shipments so that the fuel costs associated with each watermelon is as low as possible

The bins and pallets used for packing and transportation are all made by our partners with long standing commitments to sustainability and recycling

We recycle all of our wash water by using it to irrigate pastures that grow hay for livestock

Our giant fans and multiple cooling facilities reduce product spoilage and increase shelf life

In our community

Leger & Son undergoes multiple types of social accountability audits so you can be sure your watermelon was picked and packed by a happy worker

We supply various local markets and donate to festivals, food banks, and interstate welcome centers which promotes growth for us and our farms