The Whole Melon

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Did you know that 100% of a watermelon is consumable? Yes, even the rind!

It can be fun to get creative with the possibilities, especially with the weather warming up.


Getting more out of your melon is not only good for your wallet, it’s good for the planet, too. In the United States, 30% – 40% of our food supply goes to waste every year.1 Together we can help make a difference (and explore some tasty recipe ideas along the way!).


Watermelon has three main components: the flesh, the juice, and the rind.

the flesh

Depending on the season, watermelon flesh can range from deep reds and pinks, to oranges, yellows and even white hues. The sweet, refreshing flavor can be the perfect complement to your dishes year-round.


It can be enjoyed:

  • In summer salads with cheese and tomatoes
  • Diced and skewered for tasty grilled kebabs
  • Enjoyed the traditional way: as a big, juicy slice!

the juice

At 92% water, watermelon is an excellent option to help you and your family stay hydrated.2 If you pick up an over-ripe watermelon, don’t let it go to waste! Instead, juice it or puree to retain the value and nutrition.


It can be enjoyed:

– Blended into smoothies or pre-workout shakes
– As a base component for a refreshing cocktail
– Enjoyed on its own in a tall, cold glass

the rind

Here’s where we get creative. While rind is often considered a “handle” and thrown out, some people use it as compost which is a GREAT idea. However, you’d be pleasantly surprised to discover how delicious and fun eating the rind can be.


It can be enjoyed:

  • Fermented to create sweet and salty pickles
  • As a crunchy component in your favorite slaw
  • Sliced into your stir fry for the perfect bite

As you can see, watermelon is delicious and nutritious from end-to-end. Putting the whole melon to use is a great way to stretch your dollar and help reduce food waste. Plus, it can be a creative showstopper in your cooking and entertaining.

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